Magyars, more commonly known as Hungarians, are an ethnic group that is chiefly linked to today’s country of Hungary. There are nearly 15 million people who identify as Hungarian, approximately 10 million of which presently live in the country of Hungary. More than 2 million Hungarians reside in areas that were formerly included in the Kingdom of Hungary before 1920.

Hungarian people frequently refer to themselves as Magyar, which likely comes from one of the most prominent Hungarian tribes, the “Megyer”. The term “Magyarization” refers to the process by which non-Hungarian nationals adopted Hungarian culture and language towards the end of the 19th century.


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It is located in the restored Hungarian Settlement school, and is dedicated to the historical preservation of the Hungarian community in Albany, Louisiana.

Hungarian History

In the late 1800s, Hungarian settlers began to move from the harsh industrial environments of the North and East United States to a more desirable and familiar agricultural environment.

Photo Gallery

Our photo gallery features both historic and recent photos that illustrate the rich history and culture of South Louisiana’s Hungarian settlers. Also includes photos of our museum renovation.